Child Support

Many people believe that you can negotiate child support amounts as part of a divorce action. This is a common misconception. Under Washington law, child support is determined using guidelines that take into account each party's income. A worksheet is used to make calculations, and there are different deductions, like retirement contributions, that affect the income amount number used to arrive at child support payments a party will owe.

Obtaining The Support You Are Entitled To

You can negotiate for any additional expenses for child care above what you may be statutorily entitled to pay or receive for child support. At the law offices of Green & Ritchie, PLLC, we know how to calculate child support payments correctly as well as aggressively negotiate for these expenditures.

For instance, we can help you negotiate for day care or extracurricular expenses that are needed on top of what you are receiving for child support. We can help show how these expenses are in the best interest of the child. Whether you are the one paying or you are the primary residential caregiver, our proficient Vancouver child support lawyers can help you structure a divorce settlement that takes into account the child custody agreement, the child's needs and also protects your interests.

Determining If Spousal Support Is Appropriate

Our lawyers can help clients concerning spousal support or maintenance. Depending on your situation, especially if you were primarily a homemaker during the marriage, you may be eligible to receive spousal support, although this is not guaranteed under Washington law. The courts will often grant maintenance to help people while they look for a job and complete additional education, and help them maintain a certain standard of living until they can financially provide for their family. We can help demonstrate this need and the other party's ability to pay, by analyzing your circumstances and providing a sound argument to the court.

Washington Divorce Lawyers Pursuing Your Modification Needs

Finally, we know things can easily change after a divorce is final. If you need help with the enforcement of a child support or spousal maintenance agreement, we are always ready to pursue an action with the courts. We can also petition for a modification if other expenses arise or one party's ability to pay changes.

A Legal Team Committed To Taking Care Of You

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