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Beer was the drink of choice, or necessity, at first Thanksgiving

“Don’t drink and drive,” is a good message for any holiday weekend. Not only is it the sure way to avoid the harsh penalties of a DUI, but it can help keep yours and other families safe. It certainly doesn’t mean you can’t consume alcohol this Thanksgiving. After all, the tradition is a part of American history – literally.

You’ve probably heard tales of the first Thanksgiving between the Pilgrims and the Indians. You probably learned about how the Pilgrims were introduced to corn for the first time, a staple that helped them survive in the years to come. The stories you heard are probably a good combination of fact and fiction, but you can be certain that beer was a drink served.

Washington State Patrol officers: where are they?

The Washington State Patrol is an employer much like any other. It posts job openings and tries to hire the best candidates out of the bunch. As of late, that applicant pool has been dwindling.

Fewer candidates are applying to the WSP each year. The law enforcement agency recently added 25 new graduates to their force and has another 55 set for training at the academy. It isn’t enough to fill the job duties, said WSP Public Information Officer Kyle Moore.

Alcoholics Anonymous: some members are dropping the second A

Drug and alcohol substance abuse or addiction is a very personal battle. Those who suffer from the disorder don’t deserve to be pushed into the spotlight just to get the help they want or need. It is why treatment programs and centers place a high value on anonymity. The largest alcoholics support group, Alcoholics Anonymous, even included the word in its name.

No one should be forced to reveal anything that private, but many are voluntarily stepping into the spotlight and openly discussing their struggle with addiction. Why? Some believe that it is only way to ensure that others get real help.

Drinking while driving is illegal: is riding while drinking too?

“The best way to avoid a drunk driving charge is to avoid getting behind the wheel after consuming any amount of alcohol.” This statement is not revolutionary or mind-blowing. Most people know this, but people make mistakes, which is how they end up charged with DUI.

It’s easy to know that if you drink while you drive, you could end up facing criminal charges. What happens if you are riding while drinking? Are there any laws against that?

No good deed may go unpunished, but you could help avoid a DUI

Everyone has people in their lives that they care about and want to protect. You care whether your friends and family members make mistakes that could harm themselves, their future or others. Drunk driving is a mistake with certain consequences.

Telling anyone what to do – or what not to do – is rarely an easy feat. Telling someone who is impaired by alcohol can be even trickier. How do you prevent a person you love from getting behind the wheel drunk?

First-offense DUI? Have you considered all of the consequences?

You didn’t eat much during the day. You didn’t drink as much water as you usually do. You had a couple of drinks at the bar. Two drinks usually doesn’t push you above a .08 blood alcohol content, but tonight was different. As fate would have it, tonight was the night that you drove past a police officer on patrol with your taillight was out.

When the officer pulled you over for the taillight, he asked you if you had been drinking. You said, “Yes, I had a couple beers earlier.” He then asked you to submit to a breath test. You knew that refusing would mean losing your license automatically, so you complied. You blew a .08 and were charged with DUI.

How reliable are THC levels when charging drivers with DUI?

Driving while impaired is a crime in Washington, whether the impairment is due to alcohol or marijuana. Police will use breath tests during traffic stops to help them establish probable cause to make an arrest. Once at the police station, they may take a blood sample to help determine blood alcohol content.

The breath test results are not always reliable for many reasons including improperly calibrated machines, health conditions and food or drink consumption. Even the equation used to convert percentage breath alcohol to percentage blood alcohol relies on the use of an estimate.

What are the insurance consequences of a DUI?

If you have ever visited a website discussing drunk driving, whether it belongs to a criminal defense attorney or the Washington State Department of Licensing, you know that a DUI has “insurance consequences.” What are they?

Insurance companies are a business, and they want to make a profit. The best scenario is to have people who will pay premiums but never draw on the policy, costing the insurance company nothing. We don’t live in a perfect world, which is why providing coverage is about balancing risk and reward.

When underage drinking is legal on Washington college campuses

You have to be 21 years of age to drink in Washington. Every college student knows this, but not all choose to follow this law. Underage drinking is a very common charge on college campuses throughout the state. Is there ever a situation in which it is legal for you to consume alcohol as a minor?

The answer is yes, there is. In Washington, students who are at least 18 years of age but under the legal age of 21 and enrolled in certain degree programs or classes can drink alcohol.

Police arrest 1.4 million drivers nationwide for DUI every year

It is easy to assume that drunk driving is a problem that affects other people. It is common for the average person to say, “I’ll never face a DUI because I don’t have a problem with drinking” or “I’ll never face a DUI because I never drive my car after having more than one drink.”

Drunk driving affects many more people, average people who consider themselves law-abiding citizens, than you might think. Are you a person who likes facts or statistics to support an assertion? Keep reading.

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